FinTech: Key Concepts and Applications

The FinTech: Key Concepts and Applications course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Financial Technology (FinTech) and its impact on the financial services industry.

Course Overview

This course explores the key concepts, innovations, and applications of FinTech that are transforming the way financial services are delivered, accessed, and managed. Participants will gain insights into the latest FinTech trends and developments, as well as the potential challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the fundamentals of FinTech and its role in reshaping the financial services landscape..
  • Explore the evolution of digital payments and mobile banking solutions.
  • Learn about blockchain technology and its applications in financial transactions and data security.
  • Examine alternative lending models and crowdfunding platforms.
  • Understand the use of robo-advisors and AI in wealth management and investment advice.
  • Explore the integration of technology in the insurance industry.
  • Learn how technology is used for regulatory compliance and risk management in finance.
  • Understand the concept of open banking and the role of APIs in enabling financial innovation.

Candidates must;

  • Have basic proficiency in the English language, numeracy and computer literacy
  • Have access to either a computer or smartphone with Internet Connectivity.
  • Be equipped with quality webcam and headphones
Duration & Fees
  • Regular – 8 Weeks – ₦150,000
  • Fast-Track – 6 Weeks – ₦225,000
Program Dates
  • December, 2023 – February, 2024
  • March – May, 2024
  • June – August, 2024
  • September – November, 2024

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