Certificate in Mastering People Management & Team Leadership

This course enables experienced managers to ‘master’ people management & to have confidence that team leadership can be taught and makes a tangible difference to the manager, the team and the organization. An important area is that the difference between leadership and management is essential to understand.

Course Overview

What makes a leader truly credible? Why and how are followers actually inspired? Part of the answer is the ability to ‘influence’ others – organizations get more from motivated teams than groups of individuals. Leadership makes this happen; it is a skill that involves understanding a number of core management concepts then being able to put these into practice. This training course equips experienced managers with leadership tools that enable them to thrive in any situation.

What you’ll learn
  • Increasing career flexibility: managers with these skills are in short supply.
  • A range of different approaches to leadership and management practice.
  • The ability to select leadership and management approaches most suitable for their situation and personal style.
  • Confidence through the opportunity to experiment with key techniques before applying them in the workplace.
  • The self-assurance to move beyond traditional assumptions about the ‘right’ way to manage.

Candidates must be;

  • Those who need to develop their understanding about leadership, management and communication.
  • Those who are looking for business gains and benefits from managing their teams more effectively.
  • Leaders and managers responsible for working through others to achieve company goals.

Candidates must;

  • Have access to either a computer or smartphone with internet connectivity.
  • Be equipped with quality webcam and headphones.
Duration & Fees
  • Regular – 8 Weeks – ₦170,000
  • Fast-Track – 6 Weeks – ₦255,000
Program Dates
  • August – October, 2024
  • October – December, 2024
  • February – April, 2025
  • May – July, 2025