Certificate in French

The Certificate in French course is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in the French language.

Course Overview

This course aims to develop essential language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, to enable effective communication in various real-life situations. Participants will learn grammar rules, vocabulary, and pronunciation to build confidence in using French in everyday conversations and written communication.

What you’ll learn
  • Develop the ability to understand and use basic expressions, phrases, and vocabulary in French.
  • Build confidence in engaging in simple conversations and exchanges with native French speakers.
  • Understand spoken French in common situations and contexts.
  • Read and comprehend basic texts, signs, and short passages in French.
  • Write simple sentences and short paragraphs in French to express ideas and experiences.

Candidates must;

  • Be proficient in English Language
  • Have access to either a computer or smartphone with Internet Connectivity.
  • Be equipped with quality webcam and headphones
Duration & Fees
  • Regular – 8 Weeks – ₦170,000
  • Fast-Track – 6 Weeks – ₦255,000
Program Dates
  • December, 2023 – February, 2024
  • March – May, 2024
  • June – August, 2024
  • September – November, 2024

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