University of Ibadan partners Edurex Academy for Professional Certifications

November 27, 2023
University of Ibadan DLC Logo on Edurex Academy Website

Edurex Academy is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with the esteemed University of Ibadan, a ground-breaking initiative that might completely change the online professional education field. Combining the credibility of an esteemed university with the innovative approach of a top provider of online education, the partnership represents a noteworthy turning point in the field of online learning.

The official launch event, scheduled to take place on the 29th of November 2023, will be graced by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor K. O Adebowale (FAS, mni), the Director of University of Ibadan Distance Learning Center, Professor E B Omobowale BA (Hons) MA PhD and other high-ranking officials from the University of Ibadan, highlighting the gravity of this partnership. This collaboration aims to combine the academic excellence and rich history of the University with Edurex Academy cutting-edge online learning platform, creating a powerful synergy that will benefit learners and professionals alike.

Young adults viewing Edurex Academy website
Young adults viewing Edurex Academy website


What Can You Expect from the Partnership?


High-Quality Courses: The collaboration will offer a carefully chosen range of professional online courses created and instructed by renowned University of Ibadan academic members as well as industry professionals. You can explore our University of Ibadan courses by clicking here

Well Recognised Certification: Learners who successfully complete courses offered by this partnership will earn certifications that are officially recognised by the University of Ibadan and Edurex Academy, which will greatly enhance their professional portfolios.

Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to connect with a diverse community of learners, professionals, and alumni from both entities, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Innovative Learning Experience: Edurex Academy’s cutting-edge online learning platform will be utilised for this purpose; the lessons will use multimedia materials, interactive components, and real-world case studies to create a dynamic and interesting learning environment.


About the Launch Event

The official launch event will feature addresses from key officials of both Edurex Academy and the University of Ibadan, providing insights into the strategic vision behind the collaboration. Additionally, attendees may anticipate interactive seminars, in-person presentations of the online courses, and chances to network with instructors, business executives, and fellow learners.

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