Micro-finance Certification (Microfinance I)

Microfinance Certification (Microfinance I) is an introductory training program designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of microfinance principles, practices, and its role in promoting financial inclusion and poverty alleviation.

Course Overview

This course covers essential topics in microfinance, including microcredit, savings, microinsurance, and financial literacy. Participants will gain insights into microfinance operations, client-centered approaches, and the social impact of microfinance institutions (MFIs).

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the concept of microfinance and its significance in inclusive finance.
  • Learn about the structure, types, and functions of microfinance institutions.
  • Comprehend the principles and methodologies of microcredit and small-scale lending.
  • Explore the importance of microsavings and their role in promoting financial inclusion.
  • Understand the concept of microinsurance and its relevance in risk management for the underserved.
  • Learn about financial literacy programs and client education in microfinance.
  • Evaluate the social impact and performance of microfinance initiatives.
  • Explore successful microfinance models and best practices in the industry.

Candidates must;

  • Be proficient in English Language
  • Have access to either a computer or smartphone with Internet Connectivity.
  • Be equipped with quality webcam and headphones
Duration & Fees
  • Regular – 8 Weeks – ₦170,000
  • Fast-Track – 6 Weeks – ₦255,000
Program Dates
  • October, 2023 – January, 2024
  • October – December, 2024
  • July – September, 2024